Previewing by Price Range

One of my strengths as a Realtor is that I am constantly previewing and researching before I take clients out. While it is impossible to see every single house, condo or lot on the market, each week I preview homes by price range and I utilize live maps, my knowledge of streets and design, and previewing, to narrow down the 5-10 best investments in a specific range.

For example, in Stamford we have more actively listed homes in the $400K-$500K price range than we have had in years. Yesterday, I decided to make sure I was completely up to speed in this growing price range. I previewed every home in this range that is in a great location and has a garage. These homes will have an edge over the others, since a garage and a great location is rare in this price range. By looking at the homes all together, I can compare the pros and cons or each more effectively. I now have a shortlist of homes in this range that I know are great investments. A couple of them are in neighborhoods with homes that have sold in the $600K to $800K range, so these would be better choices long-term.

I apply the same strategy throughout each month with condos, and homes in higher price ranges, such as $600K to $800K, $800K’s to $900K, 900K’s to 1.2m, and over 1.2m. This type of research strategy allows me to be ready for client calls, and it also allows me to secure the best homes in any given price range for my clients.

While many Realtors are showing clients unfamiliar homes with lots of flaws, my clients see the best right away. It is also important to note that many Realtors see homes based upon Realtor open houses only. This strategy doesn’t allow for an effective comparison of homes in a given price range. It also leaves a Realtor with only partial knowledge, since many Realtors do not hold Realtor open houses at all. It pays to be strategic in this business. The right knowledge and timing can save you, and make you thousands of dollars.

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