Connecticut Power – Do You Know What Makes CT Great?

According to CT magazines January 2010 edition, these are just a few facts that make Connecticut great:

  • CT is ranked third among US states in terms of worker productivity
  • 34.7% of CT residents over 25 have a bachelor’s degrees (fourth highest percentage in the nation)
  • Highest per capita income in the nation
  • Thriving Insurance Industry – In 2008 CT insurers wrote premiums totalling $202 billion, the second highest amount in the country behind NY
  • Thriving Financial Services industry – We have the fourth highest concentration of investment jobs in the nation
  • 17 of the worlds 100 largest hedge funds are headquartered here  – it is estimated that nearly a third of all global hedge fund assets  are managed within the state boundaries to the tune of $667 billion
  • Thriving Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries – creating three dozen private and publicly held companies employing 63,000 in the past 20 years
  • Top universities such as Yale and UCONN – providing research in life sciences that consistently secure federal grants
  • Connecticut is top in number of patents issued per capita
  • Ninth Safest State in the Country
  • Ranked 7th among states in matters of Health according to America’s Health Ratings – We have a low incidence of obesity and smoking and an exceptional and varied health care system
  • Second lowest divorce rate among all 50 States
  • Ranked third highest in education based on 21 factors according to Education State Rankings for 2007-08 – we also have one of the lowest high school dropout rates
  • Diversity – We mirror the country in terms of racial makeup, creating a richness in food, festivals, the arts, parades and churches
  • Location – Most people in CT are within a two-hour drive to 15 big league sports teams, ski slopes of Vermont, beaches of RI,
    Broadway, Revolutionary War battle sites, racing at Saratoga…and more.

Feel free to share why you love CT. I would like to hear from you. -Patricia

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