10 Ways that Being more Positive Improves Your Career and Your Life

I really enjoyed reading the following ways that being more positive improves your career and life. These were written by my friend Kathy Caprino, who is an expert life-work coach. I have learned that in the real estate industry, being positive helps you become a more skilled negotiator and also helps you enjoy the exhaustive research required to make the right decisions. Here are Kathy’s reasons why being positive can work for you:


    1. Develops you as a role model and someone to “watch,” admire and learn from
    2. Gives you greater positive impact and influence on your culture, your environment and your colleagues (positive language and emotion are magnets)
    3. Boosts your “immunity” to negative outside occurrences  – you become more resilient and bounce back quicker
    4. Inspires others around you to find the courage to seek — and move toward — the positive
    5. Strengthens your ability to advocate effectively for yourself and others,  which in turn attracts more opportunity for all involved
    6. Paves the way for more collaborative success rather than crushing competition
    7. Builds your reputation as someone worthy of trust and support
    8. Helps you see possibility where others see only hopelessness
    9. Brings to light your achievements and accomplishments rather than highlighting your failures
    10. Helps you engage with others more effectively and gain support more easily for your ideas and initiatives

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