Prepare Your Home For Sale With This Checklist

Check attic vents for blockage by bird nests, etc.
Clean window wells, dry wells and storage areas of debris.
Have heating and central air systems checked by service person and replace filters where necessary.
Exterior paint:  touch-up minor areas, repaint/paint shutters and front door
Check humidifier for proper operation.
Roofing:  secure any loose shingles, replace damaged areas Have service person check water softener for proper operation.
Chimney:  repair loose bricks, clean flue, repair chimney cap.
Check sump pump for proper operation and that cover is securely in place.
Gutters:  clean and repair gutters, replace leaders and gutters where necessary.
If appliances will remain, make sure they are in good working condition and owner’s manuals are available.
Pruning:  prune large trees and shrubbery, remove dead foliage.
Check all faucets for worn washers and pipes for leaks; repair where necessary.
Mason or stucco cracks:  repair with caulking compound.
Re-caulk tub and shower enclosures.
Locks:  lubricate, repair or replace locks, have keys made for main entry ways.
Have entry area brightly lit and clutter-free.
Keep lawn mowed, leaves raked, driveway and sidewalks clear depending on season.
Paint hallways and rooms off-white where necessary.
Area around front door should be neat.
Check front door bell, light fixtures and mail box. Plants or flowers will perk up the entrance.
Repair settling cracks and water marks.
Wash windows.
Repair loose wallpaper.
Make sure house number if visible.
Shampoo carpets and wax floors.
Replace outside lights with higher wattage bulbs.
Wash windows.
Remove stored items around house, pool and garage.
Clean kitchen closet and cabinets.
Check all windows, screens and storm doors; repair or replace broken items.
Clean hallway, bedroom closets, storage and basement areas.
Remove insects and bird nests from eaves.
Store excess furniture and possessions in attic or basement.
Clean garage
Make sure pets’ litter boxes, cages and bedding are clean and order-free.
Provide records on wells, septic, furniture and central air systems (who serviced them and when last serviced).
Leave lights on in dark rooms if there are no wall switches; leave shades up and allow as much light as possible to penetrate home.
If available, provide land survey; define easements, neighborhood assessments or covenants on land. Increase wattage in light fixtures.
Determine what kind of insulation you have.
If your property has had termites or carpenter ants, check your warranty.
Do your own inspection and fix everything broken.

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