Your Small Commercial Lease and Possible Restrictions and Limitations

  • Service and Vendor Limitations: Does the industrial park require you to use specific vendors, service providers or contractors for signs, lighting, renovations, build-outs, or any other services such as cleaning, alarm, cable, etc?
  • Signage and Appearance Limitations: Do restrictions exist that could affect your business such as all signs must be in black or blue, no larger than a certain size, or in an exact location?
  • Parking and Traffic Limitations: Are there any limitations on the number of parking spaces you and your customers can use? Are there restrictions on other tenants? Do or can you have reserved parking? Is there adequate handicapped parking?
  • Business Hours: Will there be restrictions on business hours or days of the week where you can operate your business or receive visitors and customers?
  • Nature of Business Protection and Restrictions: Will there be any restrictions on the nature of business you operate? Are there any restrictions on what you can sell, or, if you sell an item, will the landlord allow other similar, competing businesses to open while you are a tenant? Get it in writing that competing businesses or those with competing products are not allowed.
  • Other Tenants: What types of businesses do they run elsewhere in the complex? Are their business philosophies and values similar to yours? If your business practices are not a good fit, that could be a problem.
  • Zoning: Did you check to make sure zoning is correct? Don’t assume the zoning is suitable for your use. Different cities might have different zoning for the same types of businesses, specifically for research, industrial and medical companies.

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