If you think the internet makes experienced Realtors less important for buyers, think again.

I recently had a discussion with a friend who questioned why buyers need real estate agents in the 21st Century. Although the internet is the dominant resource for house research, there are still many reasons why my clients need and want a buyer-side agent. In a competitive environment such as Fairfield County, CT, having an experienced realtor is still necessary.

  • The internet does not tell you the whole story about any property. In addition, the information that is there is often outdated, misleading, and inaccurate (I will write a future post on what is missing on the internet).
  • New buyers and even experienced investors need a thorough education about the town- and state-dependent buying process, the competitive environment, real estate financial calculations, and economic indicators. I provide this comprehensive education to my clients up front. It is timely and specific to our local real estate climate, and you can’t get this on the internet.
  • I teach buyers how to look at a house. No site is equivalent to my trained eye, as I notice the details that many will not. I accurately identify the negatives of each property so you can weigh them against the positives.
  • As a full-time agent, I get to houses before part-time agents. I know about and preview homes earlier, and usually the first offer is preferred.
  • I provide the transaction management and people management experience essential for keeping complicated deals together. I am well-connected among realtors, lawyers, appraisers, contractors, and mortgage professionals. They are all necessary for you to meet deadlines and get to the closing table.
  • I have inspection management experience so you can put your inspection findings, house research, and town research in context.
  • I make accurate property valuations, since I know the inventory and I have appraisal training.
  • I have access to some pre-market inventory that is not yet listed. This expands buyer options beyond what may be online.
  • I know the history of buildings, neighborhoods, and management companies that will impact your property value and its potential appreciation.
  • I provide insight about seller motivation and negotiate at an advanced level based on completing hundreds of transactions.
  • I give referrals to trusted vendors that save you time, risk, and money. This is important since contractors and sole proprietors in the real estate and home improvement industries do not have common standards.
  • I conduct advanced market and property analysis, which not every agent can provide. I have specialized training in this area through CCIM.
  • I provide the information, contacts, and best practices you will need well after the sale to protect your investment.
  • I make every buyer client more competitive. When your offer is compared to a competitive offer from another buyer who is unrepresented or has an inexperienced agent, your offer will appear stronger since you have a recognized and trusted team that has a track record of closing.
  • All of these services are granted at no cost to my buyer clients in CT.

Please email me and let me know what other benefits you think experienced Realtors provide. I am sure this list is not exhaustive.

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