Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring

Have fun with Spring chores by getting the whole family involved. The following landscapers can help you as well:

Marcos Landscaping (203) 219-8657, nufiomarco@yahoo.com
Sebastian Landscaping and Snow Removal (914) 433-1735
Peter Pali Mansonry and Landscapes (203) 274-5332, www.peter-pali-masonry-landscapes.com


  • Do your interior spring cleaning and remember to reuse, repurpose, and recycle
  • Vacuum ceilings and interior baseboards, moldings, doorways, trim, garages, and closets
  • Clean the wall hangings and frames
  • Pressure wash the deck, patio, and driveways
  • Clean and condition your outdoor grill
  • Wash exterior windows & screens
  • Put caddies & trashcans through the dishwasher
  • Schedule for an electrician to inspect and fix any wiring and other electrical issues. Do not attempt to fix anything yourself if you are not licensed
  • Prune branches and transplant dormant plants


  • Have your home inspected for termites and other structural pests
  • Open pool and clean patio furniture
  • Fertilize lawn and make sure to use an organic fertilizer


  • Perform your quarterly home inspection (see my House Inspection Checklist blog)
  • Vacuum refrigerator condenser coils
  • Plant annuals

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