Where is HGTV? Real estate agents are weekend and weekday warriors!

Many people assume that weekends are the busiest days of my week. And I can understand why! That’s when the most visible real estate activities take place – property tours and open houses.  It’s true that open houses always occur on weekends, mostly on Sundays. (I have observed that half of my buyer property tours actually take place during the week). However, I estimate that these visible and some would conclude TV-worthy activities only consume about 25% of my time. I would say that the rest of the time is consumed while undertaking very important strategic, administrative, and marketing activities that would not be dramatic enough for HGTV.

So what about the other 75%? It is mandatory for great agents to accomplish a diversity of crucial tasks to attract clients, sell homes, and keep deals together. These include but are not limited to home previews, property and town hall research, home and business marketing, lead generation, contact management, transaction management, managing logistics, lining up referrals, and other essential activities that cater to each individual client’s needs.

So is technology really taking over our jobs? Not in the short-term. While technology is constantly allowing us to improve efficiency in our business, it has a far way to go before it can cover what we do 7 days a week. Complete reliance on technology by consumers is highly unlikely in the short-term., just as dating websites and dating apps fall short of completely solving the relationship search puzzle. We can’t ignore the fact that technology has simplified the process of listing property and searching a database of listings, and now it provides effective resources for valuation and marketing. In spite of that, a good agent is still required to manage information, people and transactions through to closing.

Why is this the case? When you assess the range of things that can go wrong with a real estate transaction, they are extensive; and since a home purchase is a relatively rare occasion in a person’s life most buyers can’t rely on past experience as a guide. Even a buyer that has purchased several properties can make costly mistakes; for instance, applying an experience gained in one geographical area to a completely different place.

Every real estate transaction is unique in terms of its context, characteristics, and the team of people involved. Therefore, no outcome is guaranteed. Appraisers can make mistakes, attorneys can miss clauses and deadlines, buyers and sellers can have logistical problems, property information can be inaccurate or inadequate, inspections can be mishandled, personal issues can obstruct or delay the best course of action, unexpected financial and work events can destroy a deal, and a buyer or seller could just get turned off by a member of the opposing transaction team and consider halting the entire sales process. I take pride in finding ways to anticipate and resolve all of these potential stumbling blocks.

As a full-time agent with 15 years of experience, I know my role goes well beyond property listings and buyer tours. I manage the important details in often one of the most vital moments in a person’s life: renting or buying one’s first home, expanding a family, changing jobs, getting divorced, etc. That’s what makes my work fulfilling and exciting. Technology can’t do that.

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