FAQ’s About Stamford, CT Housing Inventory

How many buyers purchase single family homes in Stamford each month?
In 2014, an average of 53 single family homes were purchased per month across all price ranges and styles (CMLS recorded sales only). As of the end of July 2015, 344 single family homes have closed; an average of 49 per month.

How many residential properties sold in Stamford in 2014?
In 2014, 1233 residential homes (condos and single family) were sold in Stamford (excluding multi-family homes); 642 singles family homes and 591 condominiums.

How many residential property listings expired in 2014?
505 residential property listings (312 single family homes and 193 condominiums) and about 1700 listings expired in 2014. This means almost 1 in 3 property listings resulted in no sale; this was often due to an agent’s failed strategy. As of the end of July, 122 homes have expired in 2015.

What are homes selling for per square foot (psf) in Stamford?
Since the start of January 2015, single family homes have been selling for $87 – $853 psf.; New, completely renovated, and waterfront homes fall at the high-end of this range. Tear-downs and homes with lots of deferred maintenance fall at the low-end of the range. Most homes fall in the $200 -$400 psf range. 209 Dolphin Cove Quay, a waterfront colonial, had the highest sale price psf so far in 2015 at $853 psf. The split level home at 8 Barmore Drive East had the lowest sale price psf at $87.

How do I get the highest price per square foot for my home?
I have developed a strategic system to make sure that everything that impacts your sale price is covered and there are no loose ends. I outline this process in my consultation with sellers. Also, many agents spend more time marketing themselves than marketing your home. I have two important priorities i.e. #1) to take care of you and your home; and #2) to attract and manage the strongest buyer team through to the closing.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to send an Email: prattray@kw.com.


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