Top Reasons to List your House During the Holidays

Buyers looking during the holidays tend to be very serious. They usually have a shorter timeframe to close, so they make decisions more quickly. They are not looking just for fun or kicking tires.

There are fewer competitive homes to choose from. When fewer homes are listed, your home is more likely to stand out and get offers. This is especially helpful if your home style is plentiful in the market or if your home is not updated.

The market is more predictable.  Fewer homes are coming on the market each week compared to other times of the year, so your pricing analysis will stay somewhat stable over several weeks; and marketing will be easier.

Buyers have more time to look at homes. With more time, buyers might see a larger number of homes, making your home more likely to be seen.

Buyers often have help for expenses this time of year. Buyers moving now are most likely transferring for a job. This means some of their moving expenses might be picked up by an employer. This frees up funds for better offers, new home updates, and design elements.

Deals are less likely to fall apart. A higher percentage of buyers that are looking are more qualified and motivated to purchase. Other members of the transaction team also are less stretched for time and have more time for each deal in the slow months.

You will be better positioned to buy your next home. As a seller you will be better positioned to buy in the Spring once your house is fully sold in the Winter. If your house is not sold by the time you fall in love with your next home, you will be compromising your competitive position.

Overall housing supply is low. Housing supply is still under 6 months of inventory which means there are not enough homes available to meet buyer demand. This can change very quickly in the Spring market.

Prices are appreciating. If you are trading up to a larger home, the home will cost more as each month passes by. Prices are expected to appreciate by over 19% from no to 2018.

You can still manage any tax burden. If you are concerned about the timing of any tax implications, you can still close in January or later if you list your home in November or December.

Now is always a good time to consider improving your life. If you are unhappy with your lifestyle, start planning for improvements. Let’s talk about how you want to live and develop a plan to make it happen.

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