Stamford Partnership Helps the City and Fairfield County

I recently met with Jackie Lightfield, the Executive Director of Stamford Partnership. I was excited by her experience, passion for creating great cities, and leadership style. Here are a few questions I posed.

What types of initiatives do you work on and what are your primary initiatives for 2016? 

The Stamford Partnership has been actively engaged in many different areas that touch on the quality of life of living, working and visiting Stamford. We have been focusing on a variety of projects that will improve the visitor experience at the Transportation Center, and promoting all the awesome things that are around the city. Our big project is having that info out as an app and using iBeacons to localize info to specific places. Since mobile devices have really become how people get their news and navigate to places, developing this app keeps Stamford connected to the digital world.

Since many of my clients live all over Fairfield County, can you touch on how the progress of Stamford impacts the entire county as a whole?

Stamford is one of the few cities in Connecticut that is experiencing consistent population growth, especially in the under 40 demographic. This creates an economic ecosystem that supports the entire region. It is kind of like a smaller scale version of what is happening around San Francisco or Brooklyn. New ideas and new opportunities radiate out into the region from Stamford because of our large pool of talented people, goods and services.

What is your relationship with the City of Stamford?

The Stamford Partnership was created over 36 years ago by the City of Stamford as its economic development arm. Since then, the Partnership has worked closely with the city on many initiatives. Currently, we are working on several economic development initiatives ranging from business startup programs to developing a business recruitment and retention strategy plan.

How can residents of Stamford and beyond contribute to your goals?

We’d like to engage residents in helping make Stamford an awesome place to explore and grow. That means we are always looking for people who would like to help be part of any of our projects and suggest new ones. Any city is the sum of its people. Stamford has always had a strong and active community that is doing so many wonderful things. It is great to be a part of that. We’d like to see more people sharing stories, about Stamford and what makes Stamford a special place. Anyone can do that, but collectively it makes a better impact.

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