Do You Need a Coach?

Even though I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I am sure I could have used a coach when I started to work for myself 15 years ago. Taking the risk to build something on my own took lots of courage, discipline and mental fortitude. Also, it took more time than I expected to find the right mentors and best practices to build my business. I needed to learn to run my real estate and consulting business efficiently and profitably; and most importantly I needed to make sure that my services aligned with my values. I coach could have helped me clarify my most important goals early on, align them with my values (educating/empowering clients; and protecting and growing their assets), and prioritize my work accordingly.

Home buying, like starting a business, marks a complete lifestyle change; and the process you use to make the change is as important as the change itself. I recently spoke to Jean Haynes about her coaching business. If you are considering your next big change, learn more at


Who is your typical client?

While every client is unique, the women I work with usually share these five characteristics:

  1. openness to change and a willingness to challenge the status quo
  2. excitement about what’s possible for them (though they may need help getting clarity on this)
  3. commitment to being  a leader in their own lives and doing the work to make things happen
  4. a sense of adventure and curiosity
  5. a desire for more joy, fulfillment and the opportunity to make a difference


Why has the coaching world grown so much in the past few years?

A recent report estimated that the coaching industry is growing at about 18% per year and that growth is expected to continue.

At its core, coaching is about helping people successfully navigate change.  Today we’re experiencing an accelerated rate of change in almost every aspect of our lives. We are working, living and communicating in new ways. Often there are no precedents. This can create fear, uncertainty and stress that lead to inaction. Coaching can empower people to take charge of their lives, act with confidence and be happier.

Here are the top five benefits clients report:

  1. Expanded understanding of the cycle of change and how to navigate it
  2. Tools and exercises that increase self-awareness and help determine personal priorities
  3. Ability to shift thinking and harness the power of a positive mindset
  4. Clarity of purpose and freedom from information overload
  5. Practical action steps and the confidence to take them


What are the common misunderstandings or myths concerning entrepreneurship?

You can do it alone. I’ve seen entrepreneurs struggle because they try to totally DIY their businesses. They’re stressed out and exhausted from trying to do it all. Eventually, something gets overlooked or mistakes start to happen. No matter how hard-working and talented you are, you don’t know it all and you can’t do it all by yourself.

The most successful entrepreneurs I know are skilled at recognizing where they need help, strategic in finding it and – this can be a tough one – willing to delegate in order to grow.

A great idea and a lot of passion will lead to success. Yes – you need a sound business idea and a lot of enthusiasm to start a business. But it is critical to have a market for what you are selling. I’ve seen eager entrepreneurs launch programs that they love and have spent a lot of time and energy creating, only to see them flop because they didn’t do their homework first.

Success comes from understanding who your ideal client is and the problem you solve that they’d pay money to have. The sweet spot is where your product or services intersect with their needs.

It’s all about the money. While there is huge potential to make money as an entrepreneur, I don’t believe amassing a fortune is the key driver for most entrepreneurs. I see motivation coming from a real desire to solve problems, improve lives and make the world better is some way.

In my experience, entrepreneurs who are deeply connected to their why are able to weather the ups and downs of running a business with greater resilience and success.


What types of events do you do?

I host monthly events and workshops for women. Each one centers on a personal empowerment theme.  We cover topics such as…

  • connecting with your purpose so you love what you do
  • treating yourself with compassion and letting go of negative self-talk
  • how to get your mojo back when things get off track and you feel stuck
  • ways to find more balance when you’re stressed out from trying to juggle it all
  • how to create “goals with soul” that align with your values and your heart

These groups are lively and thought-provoking.  Attendees get personal insights and practical strategies. But even more importantly, they have a chance to connect with like-minded women and share their experiences. Being part of a group gives you support, expands your network and is also a lot of fun!

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