Stamford-Greenwich New Play Forum Needs Founders

Come be a founder!

The New Play Forum (NPF) is a new-works theater company looking to launch a 2018 founding season in the upstairs lobby theater at the Palace Theater at the Stamford Center for the Arts.

The program is seeking founding donors and subscribers via a crowdfunding campaign: . The NPF announced a new $5,000 funding match for the campaign on Sunday, so donations now will go twice as far.

Laura Stuart, the artistic director of the New Play Forum, says:

Stamford, Greenwich, and their founding towns are in a “new theater-works desert” despite the number of theater-loving and theater-savvy people in the region. At a kickoff event on Monday, Mike Moran, the executive director of the Stamford Center for the Arts, emphasized how much he believes in the program which should be a great addition to the Stamford community. And a community bridging Stamford and its surrounding towns is what the NPF is looking to create–with a wine reception featuring food from local Stamford restaurants at each performance.

We are thrilled about this effort to develop great new plays and musicals. The campaign is seeking just the minimum required to assure a 2018 season of two readings and three “lab”, or bare-bones, developmental productions. But the company has a larger, three-year plan to establish it as a small, ongoing institution.

Laura Stuart is happy to meet for coffee with anyone interested in more detailed plans, and can be reached at Securing matching funds to the $5,000 challenge by the year’s end will assure an inaugural season.

Ideas floated among the attendees at the Monday event included giving subscriptions as holiday gifts and using double subscriptions for a series of “date nights”. Then there is just plain-old year-end giving to enhance the arts options in your local community.

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